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Packaging Design

Group 12.png

A collection of 4 scents inspired by each season.

Each perfume bottle is designed with a matte color, characteristic of its season, so it can be easily recognizable and eye-catching. The packaging is soft to the touch, to strengthen the connection with the feelings and the senses.

Although the bottles are monochromatic, they preserve Byredo’s visual identity and minimalistic style.

This yoga deck consists of 50 cards of different yoga poses, their name, picture, and explanation of how to achieve it, as well as its benefits for the mind, body and soul.

The chosen colors denote calmness and peacefulness, as a way to portray the state you can find yourself into when practicing yoga.

Happy practice!

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Group 13.png
Group 14.png

The new logo maintains the graphic and color characteristics of the original logo so that it doesn’t lose its essence, but with a modernized typography and a more rounded style.

The reason behind its redesign is the need to speak to a younger audience. Simplifying the color and the packaging design, the company can acquire a refreshed positioning and perception.

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